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Networking with the Rich Girls

This Summer was an exciting experience for us as we took on Houston, Texas for the special networking event: Rich Girl Brunch! Friendships were formed, green mimosas were sipped, and connections were made, as we sponsored free gifts for the many attendees there. Some lucky “Rich Girls” or shall we say “GLOwers”, got to go home with Money Bags, which included our very own 24K Moisture Gel to try out for themselves! But the excitement doesn’t stop there! We hosted our very first raffle at our pop up table! The top three winners got to go home with beauty tool prizes including a Wrinkle Neck/Facial Massager, a Beauty Face Bar, and a Facial Mist/Phone Charger. Between the successful sales and the happy guests that enjoyed themselves, the CEO Nkechi states that the highlight of the entire trip was getting out of her comfort zone to do what’s best for her brand, and she can’t wait to see where it takes her! Hey GLOwers! Ready to do what’s best for your skin? Then SHOP now with some 24K!   Join the Queens List by clicking the red box icon on the front page and sign up to get 15% OFF your first purchase!