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Esthetician Approved Products!

Did you know that some of our products have been approved by licensed estheticians?


Prior to our rebrand, we’ve collaborated with several spa owners by sharing our 24K Luxury Gold Mask, allowing them to temporarily offer gold mask facial services to their clients!

We would like to highlight 2 estie beauties we collaborated with, who have also fallen in love after trying out our gold mask:


E’Toshia McFarland is the owner of FacesbyTosh, a spa located in Columbia, South Carolina.


She stated that the mask was a great addition to her many different facial treatments. Her clients enjoyed the the hyaluronic acid infused mask, describing it as luminous.

“My clients loved their GLO up!” E’Toshia states.



Taylor Martin is the owner of her spa, Radiant Luxe Esthetics, located in Addison, Texas.


As a young spa owner, the workload can get stressful, but Taylor states that she felt so relaxed and at ease after giving herself an @ home gold facial treatment with our gold mask.


“It’s so light! It left my skin feeling nice, smoothI loved every single second of wearing it!” Taylor says.



Ready to say goodbye to dull, dry skin? Then get GLO-ing with our 24K Luxury Gold Mask!



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