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About us


“Hi GLO-wers! Thank you so much for visiting our website!

Platinum Glo Beauty is owned by a quirky young woman. She describes herself as the “awkward-cute CEO with a fun-loving personality!”

Here’s her story:


For years I’ve worked for companies as an employee, and a major issue I have with the beauty sections, is how they present you anti-aging skincare in nothing more than pretty packaging with poor quality products, ineffective results, or high prices. And not to mention the toxic chemicals and cruelty that is added in order to make some of them! 

My main concern was my slowly aging skin. Despite being so young, I started seeing dry, shriveled up, wrinkles on my skin. I was aging too quickly because I was wasting my days on a phone screen everyday, and constantly stressing over my college life in a pandemic. It was hard to feel like a youthful 20-something when I really felt older than I was! The many selections of overpriced and ineffective anti-aging skincare products at stores just weren’t doing it for me.

Looking closely now, I’ve seen both sides of companies from an employee and customers perspective and no matter what, the outcome is exactly same as their only goal is to drain your bank account and leave you with nothing!

Those endless cycles left me and my bank account frustrated. I had just about enough! I said to myself, ‘it’s time to kiss insecurity and frustration goodbye and GLO UP as a boss!’ That was when I decided that I would apply my love for self-care into my black-owned brand, because when you choose self-care over bad energy, you become a queen!”


We are a black-owned, US-based company that specializes in giving moms, students, and workers the spa @ home experience through our products at fairly inexpensive prices! Our products help reduce the appearance of aging skin, and bring out it’s natural GLO!

Queens with all skin types, deserve the best! That’s why we want to help you GLO up by keeping your skin looking healthy, youthful, and beautiful!



In today’s world, going out means exposing your skin to harsh elements such UV radiation, dust, pollutants, and other environmental factors. Even staying at home and staring at your phone or laptop screen for too long can cause harmful affects to your skin! In such conditions, simply maintaining a healthy diet and regularly washing your face is just not enough to take care of your slowly aging skin.

In addition, we all have to deal with the stressors in our lives as a result of our hardships, whether it be school, work, or raising a child. Stress can cause premature aging, wrinkles, and create saggy skin. Women are mainly focused on acne, toning, and clearing out the dirt and blackheads, that they sometimes fail to notice that they are aging and losing collagen that helps keep their skin looking young.

By the time they reach another decade, they will begin to worry about their new aging skin and will be scrambling to the brands that pretend to care about them. That is why it is best to use products created for improving your skins appearance!

We understand the struggle it is to find effective products that aren’t overpriced and how you may not have the time to visit an overly expensive spa. That’s why it is our mission to give you the “skincare-self care” experience from home, where you queens can feel great and do what’s best for your skin. You know you deserve it all without breaking your budget, because luxury shouldn’t always be expensive, it just has to FEEL like is!